Hammock Stand Rain Cover


This weatherproof cover is designed to keep both the hammock and stand dry and out of the sun protecting the hammock fabric and stand alike. Designed for the wooden stands on this website but NOT the Big Smile which is too…well, big. See main listing for more details.

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At last, a hammock accessory designed for Ireland. Well done Amazonas for keeping our hammocks in tip top shape.

So, this product is pretty self explanatory and once you look at the images here you’ll get a fairly clear idea of how it works but here’s a couple of points we think may be relevant.

The cover will fit most stands on the website but really it’s designed for the Apollo wooden stand and the Smile. Please note that IT WILL NOT FIT ON THE BIG SMILE. It can be used to cover the metal stands but they often are not as tall so there would be surplus fabric on the ground, potentially getting dirty. Maximum total length of stand this will fit is 3.95m.

If you live in a windy area the cover can act a bit like a sail and could tip the stand over, ourĀ Ground Anchors are designed to stop this happening and can be used in conjunction with the cover.

Tech Details

Covers hammock stands with a length between 3.1m and 3.95m and an approximate height of 1.3m.

Fabric: Ripstop polyester

Weight: 1kg

Compatible Products

Smile stand

Apollo stand

All hammock and stand sets that use the above stands