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We like the wooden stands, they just look so pleasing. Curves not angles. yay!

Here we are introducing a new model of wooden stand, so many of you love our Smile stands that we sometimes run out, so we managed to source something similar from our good friends in Germany. Hopefully it will keep the hammock aficionados of Ireland happy for a while.

As with all our stands, if you’re buying it for a hammock you already own then please measure your hammock first and if you are buying a hammock from us to go with it then have a quick check that it’s compatible.

What you need to know….

It’s strong, 160kg strong, this is because it is made using a lamination technique that eliminates weak spots such as knots.

Yes, it’s suitable for outdoor use but as with all garden furniture in Ireland, show it a little love by putting it in a shed for the winter and it will love you back. It’s been treated with wood preservative in the factory and all the metal bits are galvanised but even so…..Ireland.

Assembly is simple.  Yes really. It’s only five bits of wood, what could possibly go wrong.

For more read up in Tech Details.

Tech Details

Overall length: 3.57m
Maximum length of hammock when hung: 3.3m
Height: 1.31m
Width: 1.04m
Material: laminated Scandinavian spruce, zinc coated/stainless bolts and chains
Weight: 22kg
Capacity: 160kg

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