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Here’s a hammock you can swing your hips in. To the left 1,2,3 and the right 1,2,3 and cha, cha, cha.

OK, so we know nothing about salsa dancing but we do know a nice hammock when we see it. This delightful item is introduced to our range to plug a gap. A little bit longer and a little bit wider than the Volcano hammock it shares many of the same attributes as it’s sibling.

Made from EllTex, a mixed cotton/synthetic fabric that doesn’t feel synthetic it is suitable for use as an outdoor hammock, it is more UV resistant than natural fibre hammocks and dries that bit quicker too.

It will comfortably take a hefty 150kg and is suitable for several of our stands.

There you go.

Tech Details

Overall length: 3.1m
Hangs nicely at 2.7m when ends are 1.5m from ground
Width: 1.4m
Weight: 1.2kg
Capacity: 120kg
Material: Ell Tex 55% cotton/45%polyester
Machine Washable: YES
Kid friendly: YES
Weatherproof: Pretty good

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