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Is this the hammock you’ve been looking for all this time?

Well, you’re in luck and it was worth the wait. We are happy to introduce The Zebra.  Very much at the top end of premium hammocks, it’s going to be a favourite very quickly we think. Made in Colombia from GOTS certified organic cotton the hammock comes with a larger than normal number of suspension strings all hand woven to provide optimum weight distribution and increase durability. It has a high thread count/fabric density of 340g/m² and reinforced edges to prevent fraying.

It’s a big hammock and if you know about hammocks then you know that is a good thing. Not only will it happily support 2 adults comfortably (200kg capacity) but more to the point you can spread out on your own. As with all fabric only hammocks, the most comfortable position to lie in is diagonally which opens the hammock up and leaves your body flatter and in a more natural position.

As with all cotton hammocks, especially when you’ve blown this much of your hard earned on it, you should treat it with respect. It will last longer and smell nicer if you simply unhook it and take it inside whenever you remember, it’s not the end of the world if you leave it out sometimes but, well, you know….

Kid friendly, machine washable and compatible with the Big Smile and the Handy stand 4m.

Tech Details

Overall length 4m
Hangs nicely at 3.6m when ends are 1.8m from ground
Length of fabric not inc suspension strings: 2.6m
Width of fabric: 1.8m
Capacity: 200kg
Kid Friendly: YES
Fabric: Organic cotton
Machine washable: YES (do not tumble dry)
Weight: 2.9kg
Made in Colombia

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