Single Spreader Bar Hammock


Select these compatible products and save money when bought together with the main product


It was about time they brought out a smaller version of the bestselling Double Spreader Bar Hammock, exactly the same product but littler.  Save money and save space.

So what we have here is a standard size spreader bar hammock, suitable for outdoor use due to it’s quick drying and fade resistant polypropylene fabric lying surface paired with  sustainably sourced bamboo spreader bars for strength and durability. Reinforced edges to prevent fraying and multiple suspension strings to distribute the weight evenly across the hammock.

Marvel at the knotwork forming the loops at the ends of the hammock, we haven’t a clue how they do it so neatly.

This hammock is compatible with several of our stands and all the usual hooks and rope bits. Check the “Compatible Products” below to be sure.

A word about the narrower single size spreader bar hammocks. These are the comedy ones, the type that Uncle Seamus was using when he did a complete 360 and landed on his backside and the family is still talking about it now. They are perfectly safe and stable so long as you pay attention when getting in  and use them just for relaxing. Of course, kids being kids have no interest in relaxing in a hammock so whilst it can be good for your fail video compilation please hang it over nice soft grass or choose a hammock without bars instead.

Tech Details

Length: 3m
Width: 1.1m
Capacity: 120 kg

Weatherproof: YES
Machine Washable: NO
Kid friendly: NO
Material: 100% Polypropylene (HamacTex®)

Compatible Products


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