Brasilian Cotton Hammock with Spreader bars


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This item: Brasilian Cotton Hammock with Spreader bars

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This is one of our tasteful hammocks, no garish colours just subtle natural tones woven in beautifully soft cotton. 80cm wide spreader bars keep the hammock welcomingly open and yes, they’re not just called Brasilian hammocks, they’re actually made in Brasil!>

A good quality generous sized hammock, the spreader bars hold the hammock open, lovely for you sun worshippers. As with all hammocks with spreader bars it comes with a word of caution. Get in and out nice and gently as the unwary can sit too far back and end up out of the hammock quicker than you expect. For this reason Hammockology recommends hammocks without bars if you have kids who are going to be using it, they’re all just a bunch of messers when it comes to hammocks.Don’t let that put you off this super hammock though, it’s perfectly stable if you’re just sitting back and reading a book.

Rope is not supplied with this hammock, use either our Smartrope, Nautical Rope with Carabiners or some old length of blue rope you found in the back of the garage.



Tech Details

Overall length: 3.1m
Hangs nicely at 2.9m when ends are 1.5m from ground
Width: 1.4m
Width of bar: 100cm
Capacity: 150kg
Weatherproof: NO
Machine Washable: NO
Kid Friendly: Not really

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