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That’s a good price for a good hammock, no wonder we sell so many of them.

Here we have a simple single person hammock. You can still be married and use this hammock but really if you want to share a hammock this isn’t the one for you.

Made from a clever mix of recycled cotton and polyester called EllTex this hammock is fine for outdoor use as it dries quicker than cotton and is resistant to fading. It will happily accommodate 120kg and is machine washable.

Compatible with plenty of our stands and accessories.

Tech Details

Length: 3m

Width: 1m

Minimum length when hung at 1.8m height is 2.7m

Capacity: 120KG

Fabric: Ell Tex 55% cotton/45%polyester

Machine Washable:YES
Kid Friendly: YES

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