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Loads of fun! We’ve been flogging Moonchairs for years, one of our bestsellers and defiitely the coolest chair on the block. Now Ticket to the Moon have come up with this classy little number. We’ve shown them at a few events already this year and the kids have been going loopy for them.

These Mooonchairs for kids are modelled on the adult version and are very similar in most respects. Made from synthetic parachute silk they are weatherproof if outdoors allthough we recommend taking them in for the winter.

The chair is made to be like a bucket seat so it is hard to fall out of which is great for the smaller kids or the messers out there. They come fully assembled, are adjustable without having to tie or untie knots and can be washed by undoing the four corners and chucking it in the machine.

They come in their own carry bag with shoulder strap and we’ve included a length of rope in case what you’re hanging it off is a bit high up.

These chairs are suitable for children up to the age of about 10 years, after that they’re probably best off in a full size one.

These Kids Moonchairs have proved very popular with parents (and schools) of special needs children, please see the adult sized Moonchair for older kids.

Suitable for use with all hanging chair stands and accessories.

Have a look at Hammockologys Hanging Chair kits in the Hanging Solutions section for easy and affordable ways of hanging your chair.



Tech Details

Weight: 900grams
Length when packed: 70cm
Capacity: 60kg

Material: Parachute nylon

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