Ticket to the Moon Mini Kids Hammock



Everything that is so great about Ticket to the Moon hammocks but minier.

These mini parachute silk hammocks are perfect for small kids and even babies as gravity puts the occupant in the middle of the hammock with the sides coming up around. They are ideal for small spans like under a bunk bed or playhouse as they hang nicely at only 1.5m. The stainless steel S hooks make taking them up and down fast and simple and if combined with the Nautical Rope kit or Moonstraps it can be adjusted for height easily.

The fabric is what modern day parachutes are made of and is very strong despite being soft and lightweight to the touch, with a 200kg capacity it can be used by adults as a seat. The fabric dries quickly so you will never get mould or mildew and it can be machine washed.

We think these hammocks are great for smaller kids up to the age of around 10 when really after that if you have the space you should consider one of the adult sized ones.

Please note that the version we sell has steel S hooks and not the carabiners as in the video.


Tech Details

Length when hung: approx 1.5m
Width: 1m
Weight: 200g
Capacity: 200kg
Weatherproof: YES
Machine washable: YES
Kid friendly: YES

Compatible Products

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