Crow’s Nest




The Crow’s Nest has had a makeover and we’re sure you’ll like it even more.

So, the Crow’s Nest is a product usually hung indoors, it can be out but being cotton (actually it’s  a rather lovely organic cotton) you should take it in when possible to give it a break from the weather. IT NOW COMES WITH IT’S OWN SUSPENSION KIT suitable for hanging it in or out.

It also has now been fitted with a clever safety swivel which prevents the Nest being twisted up and let go. Kids love getting crazy dizzy but it’s a complete disaster for the fabric and stitching, so this solves that.

The cushion is removable and the fabric machine washable.

Tech Details

Height of product without suspension rope: 1.5m

Width: 70cm

Minimum ceiling/branch height: 2m

Capacity: 80kg

Age group: 3 to 10 years.

Material: Organic cotton

Compatible Products

Compatible with most children.