The Ultimate Hang



Lads, this is absolutely the be all and end all book on hammock camping. It covers everything. 

From chapters on different bits of gear: tarps, underquilts, hanging systems and styles and brands of hammocks available, to technical chapters showing the fanciest hammock knots we have ever seen through to killer advice on how to make yourself comfortable and warm, it truly is a brilliantly researched book.

The book is illustrated throughout by the author, hammock guru Derek Hansen, clear detailed drawings make seemingly complicated rigging systems suddenly make sense and there is always a humorous take on the vagaries of hammock camping.

Readers who have a passing interest in hammock camping but really just want to make sure that their back garden hammock is strung up just so are well rewarded with lots of material relating to basic and not so basic hammock techniques. It really is all here.

Please note that this is The Ultimate Hang 2 an updated version of the original published in 2017.

This paperback, coffee table size book comprises of 342 pages and is best read in a hammock in the shade……obviously.

Thanks Derek.

Tech Details

Paperback coffee table size book

342 pages

First edition published 2011

This edition updated 2017

Copyright Derek Hansen

Compatible Products

Any hammock will do to read this book in.