ClassicFly Hammock Tarp


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The ClassicFly hammock tarp by La Siesta is a good quality, nicely designed piece of kit and you won’t regret splashing out on it when the rain is lashing and you’re all cozy in your hammock.

It’s got a clever, easy set up system so that you won’t waste time getting yourself in a tangle. There’s 3m of ridge rope for each end of the tarp so the trees can be much further apart than the length of your hammock and there 4 2m long guys as well so lots of adjustment there.

The fabric is 100% ripstop polyester so it’s tough and water resistant. It also acts as a great sun shade and is UV proof. Weighing just 1kg and around the size of a big bag of sugar it’s easy to transport or travel with.

You can have it any any colour you like as long as it’s green.

Tech Details

Size: 4m length and 3m width (1.5m each side)

Weight: 1kg

Material:@ 100% ripstop polyester

Includes: 2 x 3m ridge ropes and 4 x 2m guy ropes and 4 x pegs

Compatible Products

Suitable for all hammocks up to 4m length.