The Lightest Tarp


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Since you’re reading this I guess you have at least a passing interest in hammock camping. But you live in Ireland! So there’s no getting away from it, you’re going to need a tarp to keep you dry sooner or later.

You will also understand that lugging loads of kit up and down hills is not the funist bit of hammock camping, so the new Lightest Tarp from Ticket to the Moon is just the job. It’s really high tech, personally, I’ve never seen such a compact tarp especially being full size and weighing so little. the specs are really impressive, have a look at the Tech Details tab above to get the full nerdy details. At the end of the day all you should care about is that it’s top of the range quality and weighs just 412g.

We suggest combining it with The Lightest hammock and The Lightest Straps to give yourself a really good quality  kit for hiking, weighing just 735g. Try finding a tent that weighs as little, let alone being as comfortable.

Tech Details

Size: 2.5m x 2.5m which means 3.5m on the diagonal to cover a 3m hammock

Weight: 412g

Material: 20D Rip stop nylon

Pegs: 2 x Y shaped aluminium 15cm length

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All 3m hammocks

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