Basic Hanging Chair in Organic Cotton


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Hanging Chair
This item: Basic Hanging Chair in Organic Cotton
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There’s a bit of a German feel to these new hanging chairs. Simple but beautifully made, no fancy frilly bits, just designed by a company that knows a thing or two about hanging chairs.

This is a chair that is well suited as a space saver. Taking up much less room than some on this website it works particularly well indoors where space may be at a premium. Don’t think that it’s small and mean though, look at the images of adults in the chair, it’s not just for kids.

What we really like about this basic chair is the attention to detail, a stainless steel swivel so that you can turn in any direction without getting twisted back, the quality knotwork that attaches the fabric to the bar and most of all the fantastic fabric. Certified organic cotton from sustainable sources (the bamboo bar boats the same credentials) this is a product with a clear conscience.

Tech Details

Width of bar: 90cm

Length of lying surface: 140cm

Width of lying surface: 105cm

Height from swivel to lowest point of fabric: 145cm

Minimum height of ceiling/branch: 200cm

Capacity: 130kg

Fabric: GOTS Certified organic cotton

Spreader bar: FSC certified bamboo

Made in Colombia

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