Classic Striped Hammock & Adjustable Metal Stand Bundle

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 Two colour choices available for this set. Pick from our old time faves the Classic striped hammock in red…..or blue.

We’ll save you a few quid from what you’d normally expect to pay by taking these two together at the same time. What’s more the Adjustable Metal Stand can be used for most hammocks so if you ever want a new colour hammock. No worries.

The hammock fabric is EllTex which is specially designed for hammocks, it’s strong and dries quickly whilst also being resistant to UV damage. This is a hammock for one occupant and we don’t recommend it to be used as a plaything by kids or by people with less mobility as it is less stable than other hammocks. Having said that it is an excellent hammock for catching some sun as it’s held open by the spreader bars and is perfect for reading the paper in.

The stand is adjustable with a central bar to lengthen or shorten it so you can get the hang just right. It has an extremely tough finish which will resist scratches and bumps and is easily assembled with just 4 bolts in the ends and 2 finger tight bolts for the adjustable bar in the middle.

Tech Details


Length: 3.1m

Length when hung: 2.8 to 2.9m

Width: 1.2m

Weight: 1.6kg

Capacity: 150kg


Length: 2.7m to 3.3m

Height: 1.1m

Width: 1.05m

Weight capacity: a hefty 120kg