Globo Royal Weatherproof Cover


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I’m really glad that you’re reading this, after all, you either have already bought or are thinking about buying, one of our lovely Globo Royals and if you’re spending all that money then it makes sense to protect your investment. Here’s what we can tell you about the cover and why it’s a good idea.

The green and anthracite covers for the Globo cushions are made from manmade material which is water resistant but not waterproof, also, when they get wet they take a little while to dry, so whilst it’s not a disaster when they get wet, sitting on the chair after a shower isn’t as pleasant an experience as it could be. The cover will keep the rain off.

The natural colour cushions are cotton and soak up water, dry slowly and can be prone to mildew spots if they don’t dry properly. The rain cover will help of course but we don’t really recommend this colour for outside.

The cover is polyester and water runs right off it, the zips make fitting it and removing it quick and easy.  It packs down very small.

Every year we sell replacement cushions and covers to customers who left their Globo outside throughout the seasons without a rain cover. These items are expensive and can run to several hundred euro. Even if you take the cushions in for the winter (and you really should) this will give the timber some protection from the elements.


Tech Details

Size is correct only for the Globo Royal
Fabric: Polyester

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