Weatherproof cover for Globo on a Stand


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Nobody likes sitting down only to hear a squelch. Bummer. Likewise, if you’ve shelled out your hard earned cash to fabulise your garden with the impressive looking Globo and stand set, you really don’t want  to be coming back to Hammockology any time soon just to buy replacement cushions because they’ve gone a bit yucky after a year or two of Ireland’s famous summers.

Here’s the solution and it’s a moderate improvement on the other cover you see on these pages, not only will this cover sit nicely over the entire Globo and most of the stand. This helps protect the wood and stops the Globo swinging in the wind too much.

Made from water repellent polyester it will go a long way to protecting your Globo and stand from all but the most heavy and continuous rain. We recommend that you put everything away for the winter if you possibly can.


Tech Details

Weight: 500g
Material: 100% polyester

Compatible Products

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