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Hanging chairs for dummies

The hammock chair (also called hammock armchair, hammock seat or hammock swing) has developed into a very popular way of seating over the last decades. In a hammock chair, the feet mostly touch the ground. Very similar to a rocking chair one can steer the swinging movement individually.

The origins of the hammock chair

There is no historical record on how and where the hammock chair originated. It is possible, though, that European immigrants developed it as they wanted to relax lying and sitting. When doing so, they might have been inspired by the idea of a suspended piece of furniture, which they already knew in form of the hammock.

Space-saving alternative to hammocks

You only need one suspension point for a hammock chair, which can be placed in the ceiling or in a beam. A hammock chair does not need more space than a conventional armchair, thus it is very easy to integrate it into the already existing ambience. If it is not needed it can be taken down in a matter of seconds.

Sitting or lying

While hammock chairs were initially developed to provide relaxation in a seated position, in the meantime larger hammock chairs (such as the “Lounger”) have been introduced, in which you can also lie down.


For suspending a hammock chair you need a suspension height of 200-245 cm (depending on the model). If the suspension is to be placed at a higher point, the hammock chair can be extended by means of a rope, straps or chain.