Colombian Sunday Kingsize Chair and Wooden Stand Bundle

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So, here is a statement I don’t make lightly.

This hanging chair is the most comfortable one on the whole website.  There is something so cool about the sitting position in this chair, full back support with enough fabric for even the tallest to have their feet in it. What we love about this is that the angle of sitting is so good for reading or socialising. It’s a dinger and you’ll love it.

This chair is made with a bamboo spreader bar for strength and the fabric is 100% synthetic (although it feels like natural fibre) so it’s a good choice for a chair that will spend time outdoors.

And because you’re reading this listing and not just the one for the chair then you may be interested in having a stand to go with it. For a fine chair we have a fine stand. It is the largest wooden hanging chair stand and it needs to be because of the size of the chair.  Sturdy construction and attractive curves (who does that remind you of?) makes it a nice bit of garden furniture.  Even though it has been treated with wood preservative, like all wooden stands on this website, we recommend taking a few minutes to dismantle it in the autumn and put it in the shed.

Tech Details


Height: 2.22m

Footprint: 1.5m x 1.3m

Weight: 20kg

Capacity: 160kg

Material: Certified sustainable larch. Laminate construction.


Seat width: 1.3m

Seat length: 2.1m

Total height: 1.7m

Length of spreader bar: 1.4m

Minimum required height: 2.2m

Capacity: 160kg

Fabric: polypropolene. Spreader bar: bamboo

Weatherproof: YES

Kid friendly: YES

Machine washable: YES