Keyring shopping bag



Made by Ticket to the Moon, this is dead handy. A shopping bag that stuffs away so small that you can use it as a keyring.These shopping bags are made from the same parachute material as the hammocks which means they pack down very small and are exceptionally strong.

They come with a good quality keyring clasp and the little bag they stuff into is sewn on so you won’t lose it.

These are not large shopping bags but are designed to be the perfect thing for when you’re just grabbing a few items, they will happily hold a couple of bottles,a loaf of bread and a newspaper, that sort of size.

They are fully machine washable and resistant to rot.

A nice money saving eco-product.

Tech Details

Volume capacity: 10 litres
Weight capacity: 15kg
Size when packed: 8 x 5 x 4cm
Size when open: 28 x 35cm
Weight: 40g

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