Weatherproof Hammock Pillow


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We are a bunch of knowitalls when it comes to hammocks. This is what we know.

1/ Hammocks are more comfortable with a pillow or cushion behind your head.

2/ When you nick the cushion from the sofa and leave it in the hammock, it rains. This will get you in trouble.

3/ When you get out of a hammock the cushion gets flipped out and lands on the ground.

4/ Most cushions are not the right shape for a hammock especially if you are sharing the cushion.

5/ None of the above is a problem if you use one of our brand new and rather fabulous Hammockology cushions.


Soooo…… this cushion is made with weatherproof fabric, the water just rolls off it and it dries super fast. It has both a zip and Velcro which are located at the bottom of the edge so the water just runs away.

We’ve fitted an adjustable elastic cord so that when the cushion falls out of the hammock it won’t quite reach the ground. It is also facing downwards so the water runs off. The cord is long enough to bring the cushion up behind your head and the elasticness means you have some give in it so it’s more comfortable.


It’s long and thin so it holds the hammock open a bit and is big enough for two heads.

Compatible Products

Compatible with all hammocks on this website except North American Style Rod hammock