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Well Hung

Two trees 3 to 4m apart in your favourite part of the garden is a rare and wonderful thing. Remember that distance the next time you’re planting trees. If you don’t have the patience to wait for trees to grow let us show you a few clever ways to get swinging.

What you hang your hammock off doesn’t need to be trees. It just has to be strong enough to hold your weight. Think fence posts, washing line poles, balcony railings, that sort of thing.

Most hammocks are around 3m when hung but if the distance is further you can use rope to extend it and if it’s just a bit less than the 3m you can simply hang it a little more U shaped. Click on this video link to see a clever way of hanging a hammock using Ticket to the Moon’s unique adjustable fixing system.

You don’t always need something that you can get a rope around to hang a hammock. Hang it off a wall inside or out using our hooks and wall plates.

Here’s something ingenious, you want to hang your hammock but you only have one tree………………….. use one of our Half a Hammock Stands. Tie one end to the tree or whatever and use the Half a Hammock stand for the other end. See the product listing here for details.

How about sinking a couple of posts into the ground at just the right distance apart. Full sun or partial shade? Or, get creative and put a triangle of posts in the ground, sun, shade or 3 hammocks up at the same time.

New hammocks will have a small amount of stretch in them the first time you use them so it’s always a good idea to put your posts slightly further apart than too close, it’s easier to add rope to reach the post than to shorten the hammock when the posts are in the ground.

And finally, if you’d like total freedom to put your hammock wherever you desire then you can buy one of our quality stands. Have a look in the Stands section of the store but please check that the stand you order is compatible with your hammock. Email if you’d like any advice from a Hammockologist.

Here’s some great tips and advice: