Cacoon Double in Olefin – Sand




You’re going to love this product just as much as us. It’s as brilliant as it looks and it’s a double!!! This is bliss.

The new fabric for this old favourite of Hammockology’s is called Olefin. Designed for use in commercial environments such as hotels. By all accounts it is even more suitable for our Irish climate than the previous cotton/polyester mix. These Cacoons aren’t the type of item you will be taking in every evening so this is a good thing.

If you’ve been reading all about the single Cacoon in the last listing then you sort of know most of what you need to know. ┬áSo this is the same gig…….BUT BIGGER. And as we all know, bigger is better. ┬áSprawl out like you’ve just had two lunches or invite a friend in with you. Either way this beauty has you covered.

Now, what colour do you want?

Tech Details

Diameter: 1.8m
Hanging space required:
Ideal 2.8m (headroom) 2.55m (floorspace)
Minimum 2.45m (headroom) 1.9m (floorspace)
Capacity: 200kg
Weight: 6kg
Weatherproof: Suitable for outdoor use in summer.
Kid friendly: Yep
Machine washable: Yes

Compatible Products

The Cacoon comes with rope and a carabiner, you may like to add some of the following:

Spring for hammocks and Chairs
Ceiling hook
Swivel (suitable for concrete ceilings)

Cacoon Wooden Stand