Globo Royal Stand –


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This comes in a BIG box and our couriers for ages, wouldn’t even take them. Fortunately, we’ve come to an arrangement with them but naturally it costs. So, if you’re local and can collect, then of course there’s no delivery charge. If you do need to get it sent up the country then there is a surplus charge of €35, we’re sorry about that but it’s the only way we can get these things to you. What you’ll need to do if you would like us to arrange delivery is contact us, ideally by email, and we’ll send you a payment link for €35 to cover the delivery or you can do the whole thing over the phone if you prefer. We keep them in stock here in Cork so you should get it within a couple of days.

Anyway, this is what you need to know about the Globo Royal stand.

It’s made from the same FSC certified laminated Scandinavian spruce as the Globo, the lamination process enables the wood to be curved so attractively and also gives it extra strength. The stand is treated with wood preservative in the factory and all metal pieces are either stainless or galvanised so it is an outdoor product. That said, we still recommend that if you can you put it under cover for the winter because…well, you live in Ireland.