Ticket to the Moon Original and 3m Handy Bundle

From €199 to €209

Matching out hardwearing, parachute silk hammock from Ticket to the Moon with the easily assembled Handy stand. Choose between Original and Kingsize hammock.

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This item: Ticket to the Moon Original and 3m Handy Bundle
From €199 to €209
From €199 to €209
1 × Sleeve for Ticket to the Moon hammocks
Colour Choices
Bottle green sleeve
Charcoal grey sleeve
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Our very best-selling Ticket to the Moon original hammock is thrown together with the new and rather clever Handy Stand.

Here’s the lowdown…..

The hammock:  Made from synthetic parachute silk these hammocks are perfect for our climate. They dry fast so you never find mould or mildew on them. They are fabulously wide at 2m so you can really spread out on your own or snuggle up with your chosen one.  The fabric is slightly elasticated which makes it fantastically comfortable. It’s machine washable. For a full description on the wonderfulness of this hammock see the listing here.

The stand: This is the replacement for the popular Quick stand. It’s most cleverest feature is the speed that it can be assembled. No tools are required, it’s just spring loaded buttons and a finger tight bolt for height/length adjustment.  This makes it perfect for a stand that doesn’t necessarily live in the garden and just comes out on sunny days or one that gets thrown into the boot of the car when going somewhere nice.

It’s a powder coated steel construction and is rated to 120kg. The arms can be adjusted to allow for different heights of hanging the hammock or for putting different hammocks onto it. Please see the Tech Details below for full spec or read the listing here.

Choose between Original (2m wide) and the gigantic Kingize 2.3m wide.

Tech Details


Length: 2.95m to 3.26m
Height: 94cm to 1.1m
Width: 1.07m
Capacity: 120kg
Weight: 14.5kg
Material: Powder coated steel
Size of box: 1m x 21cm x 21cm


Length when hung: approx 3m
Width: 2m
Weight: 600g
Capacity: 200kg
Weatherproof: YES
Machine washable: YES
Kid friendly: YES