Ticket to the Moon Original and Smile Bundle

From Original price was: €385.00.Current price is: €330.00.

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This item: Ticket to the Moon Original and Smile Bundle
From Original price was: €385.00.Current price is: €330.00.
From Original price was: €385.00.Current price is: €330.00.
1 × Weatherproof Hammock Pillow
Colour Choices
Blue Cushion
Racing Green Cushion
Red Cushion
Taupe Cushion
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1 × Sleeve for Ticket to the Moon hammocks
Colour Choices
Bottle green sleeve
Charcoal grey sleeve
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1 × Hammock Stand Rain Cover

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Our beautiful Smile stand with it’s lovely lines and inherent strength gets paired with our bestselling hammock, the express bag with parachute silk original hammock from Ticket to the Moon. And what’s more, not only are we as usual selling the Smile stand for less than its RRP (or the price you’ll find it elsewhere) but we’re also giving you a BIG discount on a Ticket to the Moon Original size hammock worth €69.

What about delivery? A fiver!

How soon?  One to two working days,
What about a choice of colours? Of course!

Here’s a quick overview of what’s in the box but if you want some in depth information go to the separate product listings for the Smile and the Original Parachute Silk Hammock.

The Smile stand is made from Scandinavian spruce using a laminate construction for strength.  It has been treated with wood preservative and all the fixings are galvanised or zinc coated to protect against rust. The bare wood finish is particularly good at taking a wood stain or paint to jazz it up a bit. Assembly is dead simple with all the bolts being the same size and even two spanners in the box.  Instructions included. 5 to 10 minute job.

The parachute silk hammocks are made from the same material as modern day parachutes. They are easily strong enough for two adults, they dry quickly so they won’t rot or get mould spots and are machine washable.  You’ll love this hammock, at 2 meters wide it has plenty of room to stretch out or share. Choose your colour from the menu to the side, request a colour or leave it to our good taste to decide for you.


“I recently purchased the Smile with Hammock. It was a actually a present for my wife. She loved it. What needs to be experienced is the sheer lightness of it; It can easily be moved by one person. And having assembled and disassembled it twice ( I chose to Danish oil it to add protection) I can tell you that it takes minutes. So during winter, or prolonged wet periods, it can be put in the she/garage/attic.

We have it in our living room and actually use it indoors when its not outside.

Its like a work of art. Couldn’t be more happy with it.”

– Niall Kavanagh, Kilkenny.

Tech Details


Length when hung: approx 3m
Width: 2m
Weight: 600g
Capacity: 200kg
Weatherproof: YES
Machine washable: YES
Kid friendly: YES


Length: hammocks up to 3.2m
Width: 1.25m
Weight: 20kg
Material: Treated Scandinavian spruce, laminate construction.