Returned Double Adjustable Hammock Stand. A1 condition.


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This stand was returned to us by a customer as it was the wrong size for their existing hammock (hint: measure your hammock before buying a stand).

It has been checked over and is in perfect condition. It is in it’s original packaging but has been re-taped so isn’t quite as beautiful as when it was factory packed.

Save €25 off the retail price.  One piece available only. See listing for original product here…

Double Adjustable Stand


Full warranty still applies.


Tech Details

Length: 2.95m to 3.85m
Height: 95cm to 1.3m
Width: 1.2m
Weight: 19kg
Capacity: 120kg
Material: Powder coated steel.
Box size: 1.08m x 27cm x 13cm

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