Breeze Kingsize Outdoor Hammock – Blue


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This item: Breeze Kingsize Outdoor Hammock - Blue
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It’s all very simple when you just have the choice of buying a single or double hammock. Durr, go for the double, who sleeps in a single bed out of choice? Stretch out, lie diagonally, invite a friend.  But now you have to choose between the double and the kingsize….

In lots of ways bigger is better, size matters and all that, given the choice of either we’d go king especially if you like to share a hammock or if you’re particularly tall.

However, if you have space restraints remember this hammock is 4m long which is fair chunk of lovelyness. It also won’t fit on a ll stands so if you already own a stand and are looking for a hammock then measure it first. If you’d like to buy it with a stand then see our compatible products tab below for choices of ones that will fit.

This is a 100% synthetic hammock which makes it suitable for our unreliable summers and is fully machine washable.

It also comes in cool colours and is BIG BIG BIG.

Tech Details

Length: 4m
Hangs nicely from 3.6m
Width: 1.8m
Capacity: 200kg
Machine Washable: YES
Kid Friendly: YES
Material: 100% polypropolene

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