North American Style Rod Hammock – Natural


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Those Yankees can teach the world a thing or two about comfort. This wonderful double hammock with spreader bars is padded throughout, has a pillow as part of the design and is made from a weatherproof fabric.

This is one of our premium range of hammocks, to lie in it is to love it.  Here’s what you need to know….

It’s a big hammock, you’ll need around 4m between trees or one of the bigger stands for it.

The hammock is padded with polyurethane foam, this means your backside will be kept warm even after dark.

Its outer fabric is a material called Olefin. The manufacturers tell us this means it is weatherproof, dry’s quickly, won’t stain and is washable. These are good things for hammocks.

The ends are rather nifty with a special hand crafted knotting at the point of suspension that looks a bit classy too.

The hammock is reversible. spill your beer?  Just flip it.

Please note rope or other fixings are not included with this hammock, please see Compatible Products for suitable solutions.



Tech Details

Overall length: 4m

Minimum distance between hanging points: 4m at 1m height.

Lying surface length: 2.1m

Lying surface width: 1.4m

Length of bar: 1.4m

Capacity: 160kg

Material: 100% polypropylene | suspension and filling: 100% polyester | ring: steel | spreader bar: pine (FSC™ certified)

Weatherproof: YES

Kid Friendly: Pretty safe.

Machine washable: NO, hand wash only.

Made in India

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