Double Spreader Bar Outdoor Hammock – Toucan


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This item: Double Spreader Bar Outdoor Hammock - Toucan
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Which one do you like most? It’s hard to choose isn’t it?

New this season we have the nautically themed Sea Salt with the blue stripes and the air of an old sea dog splicing yarns whilst he rounds the cape in his trusty hammock and in the other corner the salsa loving, hammock to make you happy, two to tango…. Toucan.

Really, it’s the same hammock just with different colours, so you decide.

This is what you need to know……

It’s a generous size for a spreader hammock and this makes it more stable. Spreader bar hammocks are notorious on YouTube for being the comedy ones, wider spreader hammocks take the fun out it a little by not being as easy to flip. Some people think this is a good thing.

It’s designed for outdoor use. The fabric is synthetic but has a nice feel too it and mimics natural fibre, the bamboo bar is very strong and has excellent resistance to rot.

Yes, it’s big an strong enough for two adults but we think most people just hog it to themselves.

It’s compatible with several stands on this website and there are a range of hanging accessories if you just want to sling it between trees or walls.

Tech Details

Overall length: 3.5m

Minimum distance between hanging points: 3.5m

Lying surface length: 2.1m

Lying surface width: 1.6m

Length of bar: 1.1m

Capacity: 160kg

Material: polyester | spreader bar: bamboo (FSC™ certified)

Weatherproof: YES

Kid Friendly: Pretty safe.

Machine washable: NO, hand wash only.

Made in Colombia

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